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About Us / School Council

About our School Council

Our School Council is a group of children, elected by their classes, to represent them at regular Council meetings. The Council’s aim is to ‘make the school even better’ and their views are sought on important issues.

The Council is led by the children who talk about topics of current interest and are able to bring ‘great ideas’ from their classes to share with the rest of the group. Their class teachers give the school councillors time to address their class and to give feedback on the meetings.

The Council members take their role very seriously and enjoy being involved in the school’s organisational structure.

For example, they were very excited about the new developments in the playground. They are able to talk with the adults who are managing the project and helped shape its progress.

What our School Councillors say…

“I think its fun because we get to think of lots of new ideas and we collect ideas from our classes to make happen in School Council.”