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Take One Song – the inside story (part two)

So this morning, it was the turn of the whole-school choir to have their first full rehearsal (and watching Years Two to Six funnel into the hall, it was obvious that this was indeed a full rehearsal).

All of the children have been practicing their songs in class in groups of twenty-or-so with their teachers, but today was a group of around one hundred pupils, in front of Mr Bowers. In his own words, Mr Bowers ‘doesn’t do big groups’ but – of course – he coped admirably and soon had the guys well under control, rubbing their jaws, swirling their tongues, hissing, buzzing and whooping as they warmed-up their little voices ready for a big sing.

I have to say, I wouldn’t fancy trying to manage this choir because they are a big group. Incidentally, it’s not that common for a whole school choir to put on a performance such as this, which just serves to underline the size of this project and the work involved. Nevertheless, whilst sat facing this sea of faces, I found myself very much looking forward to the moment they began. And begin they did.

Immediately I was impressed by the simple warm-up ‘Numbers Song’. Granted, perhaps I was listening with biased ears, but nonetheless, my expectations were now running high for ‘Jazz Man’. And it didn’t disappoint. As the first few lines rang out, I found myself thinking on to next month when this group get themselves into the Abbey and all those little voices rise up to fill that exalted space (shivers down the spine). Yes, work is still required, I shan’t deny it, but that’s why we’re rehearsing isn’t it? I cannot wait to hear the next round.

Again, don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the afternoon concert in Bath Abbey on Friday the 22nd of November. Times are still to be 100% confirmed, but it’s most likely to be 1pm till 3pm. Also remember it’s free of charge, so invite as many people as you want. To find out more about the wider Friday Afternoons project, you can visit the Friday Afternoons website

Gareth Eynon (reception & year4 dad)

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