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Mr Maf and Mrs Kate

Mr Maf and Mrs Kate

Hello to all the busy Bumblebee class children and their families.

There are lots of activities to try on our web page, try to complete as many as possible and remember to challenge yourself to do your best work.

A note to parents/carers: Thank you for your support during this difficult period. We appreciate that you are all very busy with family and work commitments. We value all your efforts to help your children with their learning.

Please help them to access as much learning as is manageable with everything else that is going on, but please don't feel under pressure to complete it all.

Above all else try to enjoy some family time.
We hope to see you all back at school as soon as possible,

Mr Maf, Mrs Kate and the Early Years team

Reception Notices

  1. Through Microsoft Teams, your child will be able to access resources provided by their school and listen/talk to their Teachers in a safe environment.

  2. Your child can log into Microsoft Teams at:

  3. If documents are removed from this page, the missing files may still be available in the Reception section of the Parent Info/School Closures page

  4. Copy the following link to see other resources for your Year group :

Reception Homework

  • Home Learning 1-6-2020

    We're back and excited to be learning with you in Term 6! Take a look at this week's activities.

  • Monkey

    Write a letter to Monkey at school. Here is some paper you might want to use.

    Hand in date: 5-06-2020

  • Phase 2 and Phase 3 Sound Mats

    This is a lovely visual guide to the Phase 2 and Phase 3 Sound

  • Letter Formation

    Here is a letter formation sheet for practice

  • Maths Activities NEW: Odd or Even?

    Can you share a group of objects into two equal parts?
    If the answer is "yes" it's an even number. If you have 1 left over it's an odd number.

Reception Gallery

Timetable & Information

Timetable in Foundation Stage

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