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Parent Info / Attendance

St Andrew’s takes the Attendance of its pupils very seriously.

The Progress and Attainment of a child is directly linked to their level of Attendance at school.

School Attendance Statement
• Regular attendance is a legal requirement.
• It is so important because the child has the opportunity to experience the rich St Andrew’s curriculum, with its contribution to the pupil’s moral, spiritual, cultural, mental and social development.
• Regular attendance is an opportunity for parents/carers to demonstrate their responsibility and commitment to the learning of their child.

Attendance Levels
Children’s attendance is classified as:
• 97% to 100% Excellent attendance – we are aiming for this!
• 96% Expected attendance.
• Below 95% Attendance below this level will trigger action by the school.

Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring that their child attends school regularly and punctually. Parents/carers must contact the school and report absence on the first day and continue to do so in line with the school’s policy.

Attendance Process
• Parents/carers will be made aware of their child’s attendance on a termly basis.
• If a child’s attendance falls below 95%, parents/carers will be informed by letter.
Levels of attendance persistently below 95% are of concern and will be investigated.
• If a child’s attendance levels drop towards 92%, the Local Authority Attendance Officer will become involved and monthly update letters will be issued.

School Attendance Policy
For information on Authorised Absence and Unauthorised Absence, see Page 4.
For details on how to report a child’s absence, see Page 4&5.
To learn more about the school’s policy on Holidays in Term Time, see page 5.

St Andrew’s Attendance Policy 2018 (PDF)