Ladybirds: Sports Day & Butterflies

Nursery have had an exciting and busy few weeks, with Sports Day in the Hall and releasing their butterflies!

Our sports event included a strawberry and spoon race, giant feet challenge, dribbling a ball around cones with a bat, and throwing bean bags into a hoop. We loved working in the big space of the hall and everyone had a lot of fun. The children, in true St Andrew’s spirit,  voluntarily supported each other and helped friends to succeed with tricky tasks. They then all helped to carry something all the way back to the Nursery.

The butterfly release was a momentous occasion, with all 5 caterpillars having reached maturity. The last butterfly was reluctant to leave the net and the children had the excitement of seeing it feeding on a segment of orange before it finally took flight! In the afternoon they had the opportunity to write their own Very Hungry Butterfly story, set on a day and eating some food of their choosing.

In maths we have looked at different ways to represent numbers. We’ve explored dominos and dice and counted the spots and participated in creating tally charts of shoe type, favourite ice-cream and preference of milk or water. Finally, we’ve enjoyed expressing sounds to parts of  the story of Farmer Duck by using percussion instruments. We learnt to work as an orchestra all playing together and (mostly!) all stopping on the conductors signal!


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