Year 5: Reading and Poetry

Year 5 have been reading the text: Rooftoppers, by Katherine Rundell. During one scene, the protagonist, Sophie hears the cello for the first time. We have used this scene to inspire a class free-verse poem, by writing a line together in pairs, before compiling them into a shared stanza. There was much debate about the order of the lines, and revisions made to ensure it flowed. We hope you enjoy it!

The Cello
As the music begins and the crowd goes silent, a beautiful cello sings out from the darkness;
I floated off into a daydream, I had never heard anything quite like it, I felt so alive!
Beautiful, like moonshine and cream – the atmosphere was soft, it came to me like steam;
The moon shone on the waving blue sea, as 8000 birds flew over me;
Makes me think of chocolate-filled lemons and eating them on a fluffy cloud;
Whilst the music like a warm sun was heating my skin;
It shone into my heart as the sweet, vibrant tones sang in my ear, amazing my mind, fresh and clear!
As the melody circled back to the instruments, there was a rumble of applause,
When everyone stood up, it came to a pause
My mind was as certain as it ever had been – it felt like home.

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