Year 6: Keyring Business

This week has been very busy indeed. In Year 6, we have been building our enterprise around the idea of a keyring business. The children split into teams: finance, marketing, media and sales, whilst everyone pulled together on a huge production line to produce over 100 beautifully and unique key rings ready for sale at the fayre. The finance team came up with costs per unit, sales projections and profit margins, whilst also having to pitch to Mrs Tam (Deborah Meaden was busy). We acquired a £16 investment for a return of 10% of the business.
At Keyring & Co. every piece contains a handcrafted piece of artwork, made with acrylic paint, fabrics and collage. No keyring is the same! You can keep your keys connected with something that is both functional and beautiful.
Keyring & Co.
“A piece of art in your pocket.”

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