About Friends

We are a registered charity, number: 1052031

The aim of The Friends of St Andrew’s PTA is to build a vibrant, fun and inclusive community for St Andrew’s Church School, Bath, which includes all members of the community: parents, carers, grandparents, teachers, helpers, neighbours, and others.

We run a variety of social and fundraising events throughout the school year, including a Winter Raffle, regular cake, hot chocolate and ice lolly sales, quiz nights, bring-a-dish family potluck suppers, a Summer Celebration and annual Christmas and Year-End parties for all the children. We have funded class trips, Easter celebrations, library books, school infrastructure like the all-weather courtyard canopy, classroom tech such as cameras, and extra supplies that are not catered for by ever-shrinking school budgets.

We also provide a warm welcome to families who have just moved to the area and facilitate parent to parent contact by connecting new families to each year’s informal, parent-run WhatsApp group – handy for asking questions or tracking down lost cardigans, etc! If you’d like to join your year’s group, please email us and we’ll send you a link, or ask in the school office.

We welcome any parent/carer who would like to join our sociable group, whether as a regular attendee at our planning meetings, or to help on an ad-hoc basis. We look forward to meeting you!

You can contact us at:

And please note that for any fundraisers involving food, Friends follow school policy generally as well as the Nut Free policy. Please click here to find out what nut free means in terms of school and what information we need all parents to know about allergies and anaphalaxis.

How Can I Help? 

There are many ways to contribute. You can donate pre-loved school uniforms, bake cakes, or help us raise money while you Online Shop. Some of our parents have raised hundreds of pounds this way without lifting a finger! Details and instructions can be found in this bespoke guide or just grab one of us in the playground and we’d be really happy to get you set up!

You can offer to organise a sponsored activity, volunteer to help with a bake sale, second hand uniform sales, share our news and events with your family, neighbours or local community (especially at Raffle Time!), attend one of our short meetings or just turn up at events to cheer us on. We welcome all offers of help. And we aim to have a lovely, fun, supportive, social community!

Want to donate? Why not set up a Standing Order??  

Many parents and carers find the easiest way to contribute to PTA fundraising efforts is to set up a regular Standing Order.

Contributing this way also gives us the option of collecting Gift Aid which increases your donation by 25%. So a £10 donation becomes £12.50! Please contact us by email to fill out a Gift Aid form!

Our account details are:  

The Friends of St Andrew’s 

Sort Code: 30-90-54  

Account number: 46693468  


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