Aims for Children

St Andrew’s Church School enables children to:

  • Grow as resilient, life-long learners with confidence to explore their potential
  • Gain deep knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum
  • Are confident, safe and creative users of digital information
  • Develop enquiring minds and independence of thought
  • Are able to work collaboratively as well as independently
  • Can express themselves confidently and listen respectfully to the views of others
  • Welcome challenge and are prepared to learn and grow from all experiences
  • Respect themselves, others and the environment
  • Develop a sense of identity within our globally diverse community
  • Flourish spiritually and morally, focusing on our core values of Hope, Friendship, Love, Justice, Peace, Courage and Creativity.

Mission for the school

To provide:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum that promotes intellectual, spiritual, creative, physical, social, moral and personal development in a changing world
  • Inspirational and responsive teaching, and facilitation of learning and creativity for the whole child
  • A safe, nurturing, enabling and inclusive environment
  • An awareness of and connectivity with the wider digital world
  • A wide range of learning and engagement opportunities within our community, neighbourhood, city and beyond
  • A caring community through a culture of mutual respect, confidence and celebration
  • An opportunity to grow understanding of God through collective worship, prayer and reflection, where Christian values are embedded, and other faith traditions are respected
  • A learning partnership with home, church and the wider world.

Learning for Living – Life in all its Fullness


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