We believe that all children should thrive in our school.
‘Thriving – involves well-being in multiple areas: physical, emotional, social, and psychological. It involves wisdom, appreciation of wonder, and being able to bring purpose and compassion into your life.’
A Huffington, 2014

Our school is located in the heart of the City of Bath: a culturally rich learning environment for our curriculum, which reflects our own globally diverse community. We make the best use of our unique location to expand the horizons and inspire the minds of all our learners.

Our curriculum is designed to promote social and cultural cohesion through shared experiences and collaborative journeys in learning. Our school has a Christian foundation and we ensure that the values of Hope, Friendship, Love, Justice, Peace, Courage and Creativity are threaded through the curriculum.

Strong nurturing relationships build a positive and dynamic environment for learners to become accomplished, self-aware citizens of this city, with a strong sense of belonging.

Children work alongside adults as co-adventurers. Their voices are heard, and they are given life tools enabling them to listen with understanding and empathy, think critically and creatively, question, and speak with clarity.

These learning aptitudes are interwoven with the teaching of basic skills, knowledge and concepts building learners who are well prepared for their future.

We are a community of learners and researchers, always striving for improvement and growth. Our children learn to thrive and grow through:
•Having a sense of belonging and inclusion.
•Building strong connections and collaborations where creative co-inquiry is fostered within our diverse school family.
•The forging of close relationships with the city and wider community.
•Understanding their physical presence within, and their impact upon, the world they inhabit.

In addition to Schools Without Walls, the St Andrew’s curriculum is enriched by its partnership with 5x5x5=creativity. This is an arts-based action group, which inspires children to explore and express their own creative ideas. Project work on core curriculum subjects – such as reading, writing and numeracy – is approached from fresh, new perspectives making learning fun, memorable and empowering.

“The school offers a wide range of enriched learning opportunities, especially in the use of the local environment and in art and music.” – Ofsted 2014


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