Learning from nature

As part of the School Without Walls creative programme, classes from St Andrew’s have had school days in the woods, with groups visiting local outdoor sites to engage with nature.

Year 1 spent two days in the Dingly Dell at Victoria Park, one very wet day and one dry and sunny! We looked at how the outdoor environment changes the way children engage with learning about their world, and how the weather impacts this. The children wove exploration and scientific questioning with imagination and storytelling, using natural materials to make habitats, and immersing themselves fully in their surroundings, clambering up and down wet, muddy banks and measuring the girth of huge trees with their arms.

Year 3 spent three days on the grounds of Kingswood school, where we extended our outdoor experience from the small space at St Andrew’s school to an expansive area with ancient trees, expansive views and lots of space to build shelters, make fires and cook. The children designed, constructed and problem-solved on a large scale and developed narratives around their dens that linked together over the few days we were on the site.


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