Religious Education

As a church school within the Bath & Wells Multi Academy Trust, we use the BWMAT’s recommended resource ‘Understanding Christianity’ to cover the Christianity content of the curriculum. We also use ‘Discover RE’ to enhance our teaching of other major religions and world views.

We teach religious education for at least 1 hour a week and draw links with other curriculum subjects. Children are given the opportunity to learn about the six major religions of the world, with at least 3 units per year focusing on the teaching of Christianity. As a church school, we celebrate our Christian Values across all aspects of school life often finding that these are shared with children from other faith traditions.

Read our Religious Education Policy here :

St Andrew’s Church School Religious Education Policy 2023

You can read the curriculum details for Religious Education that is taught in the school here.

If you have any questions about our scheme of work for RE in school, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

We are affiliated with St Swithin’s Church on Walcot Street. You can read about the church here.


Understanding Christianity –

Read our curriculum overview here.

Collective Worship

At St. Andrew’s, Collective Worship plays a central role in the life of the school and addresses the moral, spiritual, social and cultural development of the pupils. It provides an opportunity for pupils to create and participate in shared experiences and takes place in a variety of ways for example through song, story, drama, music and poetry. We can reassure parents that St. Andrew’s School exerts no pressure on children to become worshipping Christians or to take part in any activity that will compromise their own beliefs however Christian values are definitely built into our ethos and teaching and are reflected in our daily acts of worship. We consider the example of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ to be our model for living and we consider the Christian message of peace and love to be relevant for all within our community.

Collective Worship Policy can be found here:


Monday’s and Tuesday’s worship is led by the Senior Leadership team.

Wednesday is our singing assembly.

Thursday’s worship is our achievement and celebration worship and is led by a member of our Church community.

Friday’s worship is a Values based achievement and celebration worship, led by pupils.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from R.E or Collective Worship. Please make an appointment to see the Head teacher if you would like to do this.

Guidelines for RE at St Andrews(PDF)


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