Philosophy and Intent
We know that all children have the ability and potential to succeed in Maths – some may require more time and support to get there, but with a positive attitude towards Maths and high expectations, anyone can be a mathematician. We want our mathematicians to understand the value of Maths, to feel successful when they learn and to leave school with the skills to think critically and creatively.
As a school, we have been on a 3-year journey, during which time we have trialled and reflected upon different methods in teaching and learning for Mastery. Traditionally, children who learn quickly have been accelerated through the curriculum. As a consequence, their learning may be superficial and will lack the many benefits of enabling children to learn with and from each other. We are now in the process of embedding a Concrete, Abstract, Pictorial (CPA) approach to teaching and learning in Maths, as part of a curriculum that allows children to spend longer and think deeper about mathematical concepts. The whole class moves through the curriculum at broadly the same pace via individual learning journeys. To ensure progression, we follow the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Maths, and regularly use the Power Maths scheme of work to enable us to deliver this with consistency.
Oracy is also a skill that we strive to embed throughout our entire curriculum in order for children to communicate their thinking. In Maths, our children are encouraged to speak openly and clearly about their reasoning without fear of ‘getting it wrong’ – we believe strongly in a culture where mistakes are celebrated as an opportunity to learn. Our school believes that having a consistent approach and high expectations for spoken language benefits all children in their Maths, including those who may speak English as an additional language, for example.

Maths Offer Nov 2020

Click on the links to view/print the Calculation Policies for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2:

Power Maths Key Stage 1 Calculation Policy (PDF)

Power Maths Lower Key Stage 2 Calculation Policy (PDF)

Power Maths Upper Key Stage 2 Calculation Policy (PDF)

We have created some exciting new materials to help parents and children have fun while learning Maths. Enjoy!
Dice Brochure (PDF)

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