Clean Air Day June 2023

On the 15th of June St Andrew’s celebrated Clean Air Day.

St Andrew’s children had a great start of the day, walking to school with their families in ‘Walking Buses’ – a lovely idea put forward by the children in St Andrew’s Green Team. Parents helped getting the buses organised, and led three buses, on different routes to school, that counted more than 60 people between children and adults. Parents who joined the Walking Bus for the first time thought it was a lovely idea and a positive experience – and the children really enjoyed walking together.

The Green Team also organised a ‘Special Shoes’ competition encouraging all children to decorate and/or wear their special walking shoes to school. Children voted for the best shoes – the winners were announced at the celebration assembly and were rewarded with a lovely pair of colourful rainbow laces!

St Andrew’s have always encouraged active travel, as it helps to tackle climate change and improve air quality, and because it has a positive impact on everyone’s health and well-being, and it is great to see all children doing their part in celebrating such a special day!



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