Green Team – St Andrew’s Food Audit

Recycling has always been a very important part of St Andrew’s journey towards becoming a more green and sustainable school.

Not long ago the Green Team was on the stage at one of the assemblies to talk about the impact of single use plastic, and how important it is to ‘Reduce and Reuse’ before looking at ‘Recycling’ (when items allow so) – everyone still remembers the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle song’ 🙂

Last week they showed us how all the above applies also to food, how and why food waste is bad for the planet, and what we can do to minimise the amount of food we throw away, at school but also at home. They told us many interesting facts about food waste!

Using some of the Energy Sparks resources, they had secretly conducted a food audit and told us how much food is wasted at school every day and how much money that corresponds to. Importantly, they were able to tell us how many tonnes of carbon emissions per year that would create.

We learnt a lot and came away with the challenge to try and reduce our food waste – especially because the Green Team warned us there will be more ‘incognito’ audits in the future!


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